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    Sacramento Indie Arcade !!!

    The Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo is a collaborated vision of both IGDA Sacramento & Nascent Games, LLC. It is a celebration of all aspects of game development within Sacramento, the region, and beyond!

    In addition to showcasing Sacramento game development studios and enjoying their respective games, the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo creates an opportunity for industry professionals and our wonderful community to connect in various panel sessions, participate in high-octane video game tournaments, and more!

    All ages are welcome to attend our event as we have something for everyone!

    We <3 gaming!

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    Sacramento Indie Arcade 2016


    Adults ( Early Bird ): $10

    Adults ( At the Door ): $15

    Students ( Must show School ID at the door ): $7

    Kids 12 yrs old & under: Free!

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    Sacramento Indie Arcade 2016

    West Sacramento Parks & Recreation in partnership with IGDA Sacramento presents:

    The 3rd Annual Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo!!!

    Are you ready for your nerd & geek fires to be lit, California?!

    On Saturday, April 9th, 2016 get ready for a slew of gaming excellence! Independent game developers (video, board, & card), speakers, panelists, tournaments, retro gaming events and performances from throughout the Sacramento Region, will be in attendance to cater to the nerd and geek in us all!

    Video game tournaments will include: Street Fighter V (PS4), Super Smash Brothers (Wii U), Mario Kart 8 (Wii U), & more.

    We’re also very proud to be working with some nerd and geek collaborators including Atari Party Capitol Fight DistrictConsolecade, Intergalactic ExpoExtra Life and more to bring it all together!

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    Submission FAQs

    How much will a table cost?
    A table will cost $10 and is good for up to three members of your team. Any additional members will be $10 each.

    What does a table entail?
    We will be supplying you with a table, two chairs and power. Any additional items will be the responsibility of the Game Developer to bring. Always be prepared!

    Will I be able to use the venue’s internet to show my most up-to-date game?
    While there will be WiFi at the event, some elements of our event will be streaming live in Twitch & elsewhere. Because of this, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that your latest demo, game, trailers & any other necessary work that is applicable to your game be stored locally. (IE: Internal or External Hard Drive, USB/Flash Card, Floppy Disk, etc.)

    Will there be a screening process?
    In order for us to allow your game to be shown you must at least send us proof of the games existence via copy of the game or video. But, the minimum requirement for getting a table is to have a playable demo.

    When will the booth be ready for my game?
    Since the event begins at 10am, we ask that all game developers begin to show up promptly at 830am.

    What do I have to bring?
    Your game, any equipment required to run it (desktop/laptop, monitors, sound, marketing materials, etc

    How complete does my game have to be?
    It must be in a playable state! At least in beta form. Prototypes/Alphas are okay. But, again, your game must be in a playable state, minimally.

    What kind of games will be accepted?
    You can show off any type of game! We especially welcome Board & Card games as a new addition to our event, as well as video games. The more creative, the better!

    Can I sell my game?
    Absolutely! But, you will be responsible for handling all transactions, the event will not be held accountable if anything happens.

    Can I show my game even if it’s already live?
    Of course you can! If you have a completely working game, this is your chance to get more exposure for it!

    What if my game has special requirements?
    We are more then happy to cater to your needs, but you must get in contact with us before the submission deadline!

    Do I have to be from Sacramento to show off my game?
    Not at all! We welcome all Game Developers from all locations! But, you will be required to physically be at the event to have your game shown off.

    But, I have so many more questions…
    We are happy to answer all of your questions! Email Gabriel at igdasacramento dot org or use the contact page at the bottom of this site.



    Our 2016

    Indie Arcade Speakers

    10:30 am to 11:15 am
    Keynote from Cat Wendt, IGDA & Wendt Creative

    11:30 am to 12 noon
    Ian Pollock, Director of the Graduate Multimedia Program at California State University East Bay

    12:10 pm to 12:40 pm
    Thomas Espinoza, Black Shell Media, LLC

    12:50 pm to 1:30 pm
    Cory Vincent & Aaron Carter, Videogame BANG

    1:40 pm – 2:20 pm
    William Tan, Rocktastic Games

    2:30 pm to 3:00 pm
    Ninja Pandas

    3:10 pm to 3:40 pm
    Michelle Hill, 2K Games

    4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Music from GAIAXIS

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    Sacramento Indie Arcade


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